Verified Technologies

Water Treatment & Monitoring

Here you can discover the list of technologies that have been verified under the ETV Pilot Programme. For each technology you will find the proof of verification in the document - "Statement of Verification". This is a short document that includes a summary description of the technology verified, the verified performance parameters, a summary of the procedures followed by the Verification Body and any other information to understand and use the performance claim. Although with variations in formatting, the cover page must display the main elements concerning the verified technology.


Displaying 1 - 8 of 8 verified technologies
Reg # Title Technology Application Manufacturer Country Verification body Issuedsort ascending
VN20170027 Root zone container for oil treatment Water Treatment & Monitoring Transform af 1994 Aps Denmark ETA Danmark A/S 09/01/2018
VN20170023 UV Disinfection system MR4-350 SS ACN Water Treatment & Monitoring UltraAqua A/S Denmark ETA Danmark A/S 11/08/2017
VN20160017 AQUATRACK – Early Warning System with automatic sampler Water Treatment & Monitoring, Monitoring Water Quality AQUA-Q AB Sweden VTT Expert Services Ltd 20/12/2016
VN20160016 BioKube Summerhouses Wastewater System Water Treatment & Monitoring, Waste water Biokube A/S Denmark ETA-Danmark 14/12/2016
VN20160015 Wetnet Water Treatment & Monitoring Ingegnerie Toscane srl Italy RINA Services 08/08/2016
VN20160010 BacTerminator® Dental Water Treatment & Monitoring Adept Water Technologies Denmark ETA-Danmark 21/01/2016
VN2015007 VRT – Vacuum Rain Tank Water Treatment & Monitoring Pozzoli Depurazione srl Italy RINA Services 30/11/2015
VN20150002 Mosbaek CEV flow regulator Water Treatment & Monitoring Mosbaek A/S Denmark ETA-Danmark 07/05/2015